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Brazilian Bat Research Society

(Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo de Quirópteros)

Who we are

CHIROPTERAN = BAT (morcego, murciélago, Fledermaus, chauve-souris, pipistrello): a mammal of the order Chiroptera (from the Greek: “hand + wing”).

The Brazilian Bat Research Society (SBEQ) is a NGO focused on research, ecopolitics, and public outreach related to bats in Brazil. SBEQ was founded on Ocotber 7, 2006, during the first South-American Mammal Conference in Gramado, Brazil, when 50 bat researchers held a special meeting. Navigate thorugh out website and learn more about our activities.

Our first general meeting, when SBEQ was founded (photo by Isaac Lima).

Although ​we are a Brazilian scientific society, we do not act only at a local scale and cherish international collaborations. See here how to become a member of SBEQ.


If bats are causing you any trouble, please contact our Public Care Secretary, coordinated by Dr. Adriana Rückert -

If you are a student, journalist or any person interested in getting more information about bats, please contact our Public Outreach Secretary, coordinated by Renata Muylaert - 

To receive news about bats please follow our blog and Twitter. To discuss bats with researchers, educators, healthcare workers, public authorities and bat enthusiasts, please join our Yahoo! group and like our Facebook fanpage.

To contact us and discuss other topics, please use our general e-mail:

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