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Brazilian Bat Research Society

(Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo de Quirópteros)

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Official newsletter of SBEQ:​


The Brazilian Bat Research Society is a scientific organization, which is open to anyone interested in bats, including scientists, politicians, environmental analysts, students, and any person fascinated by the wonder of bats.


By becoming a member you help us keep our current actitivities and find new ways to study and protect bats in Brazil. We cherish your contribution very much!


See details below on how to become a member of SBEQ!

Meet our honorary members

Learn more about the prizes granted by us

How to become a member of SBEQ:

Members of SBEQ receive a series of benefits, including discounts at scientific meetings organzied by other societies, and first-hand info on Brazilian bats and bat research all aroung the world.

Currently, we charge the following annual fees:

  • Professionals: R$120,00 (Brazilian currency: one real equals approximately two US dollars)

  • Grad students: R$90,00 

  • Undergrad students: R$60,00

Step-by-step procedure:

1. Read our bylaws. If you agree with them, move to the next step;

2. Make a bank transfer to SBEQ. If you don't have a Brazilian bank account, contact us and we'll discuss alternative payment methods

Banco do Brasil (001)

Agencia: 3610-2

C/c: 60569-7

Titular: Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo de Quirópteros

CNPJ: 10.359.711/0001-00

3. Fill out the form for new members;

4. Send the eletronic receipt of the payment to (copy to

5. Wait for our treasurer to acknowledge receipt of payment and personal data and contact you.

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